Moriroku Precision Co., Ltd.

Provides component integration and cost reduction

With our insert molding technology and clean rooms, we perform everything from the molding to subassembly of automotive electric/electronic parts, such as inverters, motors, and batteries. Together with Moriroku Chemicals, our parent company, we offer solutions that comprehensively meet customers' needs, from materials to design and processing.

Company overview


521-5, Shimosouda, hanakawa-cho, Kitaibaraki-shi, Ibaraki 319-1537
Telephone  81-0293-43-2111
Fax  81-0293-43-0379

President and CEO

Kazuki Ido


50 million yen

Number of employees



June 2007

Main businesses

Manufacture and sale of components for precision instruments
Injection molding (insert molding)
Assembly (embedding, swaging, welding, ultrasonic welding, soldering, and coil winding)
Inspection (size, electrical properties, and strength)
Equipment design/production and mold repair

Major partners

Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd.
Hitachi Metals, Ltd.
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
Akebono Brake Industry Co., Ltd.
MAHLE Electric Drives Japan Corp.

Main components

Inverters, motors, batteries, sensors, ECUs, in-vehicle cameras, alternators, and starters

Business profile

Manufacturing process

Automated line (Molding)

Manufacturing insert components with an 8-cavity mold. (Automatic molding/inspection)
Our standardized production line enables stable supply and low cost, while in-house design makes for easy maintenance.

Automated line (assembly)

Manufacturing headlight unit connectors. (Automatic assembly/inspection)
We design automated equipment that performs everything from inspection to packaging and facilitates component supply and lowered costs.

Quality, manufacturing, and equipment

To maintain our high quality, we use a wide range of measuring instruments including 3D measuring devices. Our rigorous traceability management wins customer trust. 
Inspection equipment designed and assembled in-house eliminates human error.

Clean rooms

A class 1000 (JIS class 3) cleanroom prevents particle contamination and helps us provide cleaner products.
We perform contamination management of safety-related parts, such as in-vehicle cameras and motorized parts including in-vehicle inverters.

Main facilities

  • Vertical rotary injection molding machine (50-150t)
  • Horizontal injection molding machine (30-280t)
  • Ultrasonic welder, welding machine
  • Facility for mold production
  • 3D measurement instrument and other testing facilities

Quality and environmental initiatives

  • Our quality system is ISO9001:2015 certified.
  • Our environmental management system is KES Step 2 certified.

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