Moriroku Technology develops and manufactures distinctive consoles such as those with all-resin hinges and decorative shutters.
We supply a wide range of small to large vehicles, luxury vehicles, and SUVs to the global market.

Technology features

  • Uses Computer Aided Engineering (CAE)* to achieve both high rigidity and light weight.
  • Emphasizes user ergonomics, such as armrest angle and touch sensitivity.
  • Employs a metal-less method with excellent recyclability that uses resin hinges and other non-metal materials.

CAE is a technology that performs simulation analysis with a prototype simulated on a PC, instead of testing or experimenting with a prototype made of actual materials that is used in the R&D process.

Application example

Image: Console box

Automobile console box

Drink holder

We offer drink holders of assorted shapes including paper cups for coffee, plastic bottles, and extra-large resin bottles depending on market needs and trends.

Image: Drink holder

Decorative shutter

We offer a console box that opens and closes with a hinge, as well as a shutter-type console. A decorative sheet is molded on the surface as one body.

Image: Console box

Resin hinge

We are also working on all-resin hinges with no metal parts. Not only are they easy to assemble, but also to recycle.

Image: Metal hinge and resin hinge