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On the use of this website: This website is run by Moriroku Holdings Company, Ltd. and its affiliate companies (hereinafter called “the company”). When using this site, be sure to follow the directions given below. The terms and conditions for the use of this site are subject to change without prior notice. In that case, the new conditions for use of the site will apply.
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About copyright: (1) The texts, images, and all other information on this website (hereinafter called “the contents”) are the copyright of the company, their respective original writers, or other copyright owners. (2) Except for personal use and except as otherwise provided in the Copyright Law, any unauthorized reproduction, alteration, sales, or transmission of the contents without the permission of the company, their original writers, or other copyright owners is prohibited by the Copyright Law. When using any of the contents, please obtain pre-authorization from the company.

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