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Message To All Our Stockholders

 Please allow me to begin by extending my sincere gratitude for your ongoing support of the Moriroku Group.
 We are pleased to announce that we have wrapped up the 104th Term of Moriroku Holdings, which falls under the final year of our 11th Medium-Term Business Plan (Fiscal 2016-2018), and have been able to report what we could generally call brisk business results. We have the support of you, our valued shareholders, and our customers to thank first and foremost for those results.

 The future global economy surrounding the Moriroku Group is characterized by concerns of a slowdown in economic growth rates against the backdrop of trade issues and political turmoil in various countries. In Japan, while the economy is continuing to recover at a moderate pace, it is predicted to be affected by the uncertain global economy in the future as well. Additionally, in the automobile market that constitutes our main business domain, the wave caused by the series of technological innovations collectively referred to as CASE (Connected Autonomous Shared and Electric) is transcending business categories to spread even further, gaining speed as it does.

 Amid such circumstances, the Moriroku Group formulated its new 12th Medium-Term Business Plan (Fiscal 2019-2021). Based on our basic policy of “building a management base that can win in global markets by anticipating changes in the business environment, creating new businesses, and continuing to take on the challenge of innovation,” we have adopted “strengthening of our management base,” “value-added creation” and “business structure reform” as our Three Basic Strategies. Starting from the first year of our new Medium-Term Business Plan, we will also keep on making sizable investments that include building a new coating plant in Suzuka, building a new high-performance film plant in Kagawa, and carrying out a large-scale expansion at our Mexico plant.

 All of the officers and employees in the Moriroku Group will keep on aggressively tackling such challenges and endeavoring to further improve our corporate value. Simultaneously, to ensure that we can continue to be a public company that is trusted and needed both internally and externally, we intend to enhance our efforts to communicate information to you, our valued shareholders, and our other various stakeholders, and to be mindful of engaging in careful communication. We in the Moriroku Group hope to continue benefiting from your ongoing support and cooperation as we move forward.

(June ,2019)

Takashi Kurita
President and CEO

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