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Message To All Our Stockholders

Shigenobu Miwa, President and CEO
Shigenobu Miwa, President & CEO
I would like to begin by extending my sincere gratitude for your ongoing support of our business operations here at the Moriroku Group.

Starting in our 2016 fiscal year, we initiated our 11th Medium-Term Business Plan (Fiscal 2016-2018) as our new corporate policy. As the 102nd Term of Moriroku Holdings (fiscal period beginning April 1, 2016 and ending March 31, 2017), which constitutes the initial year of our 11th Medium-Term Business Plan, has come to a close, allow me to provide the below summary of our business during that term.

In the business environment surrounding the Moriroku Group, while a sense of uncertainty persisted as exhibited by the market slowdown in China and emerging nations, the issue of Brexit and concerns of protectionist government policy, the United States economy maintained its brisk pace, and continued to hold firm as a whole. In Japan, while the employment and income environment continued to improve and personal spending recovered, a sense of business stagnation still remains.

Amid such an environment, the Moriroku Group initiated its three-year 11th Medium-Term Business Plan, under which we adopted “MI400 (Moriroku Innovation 400)” as our companywide slogan. We have since further accelerated initiatives geared towards realizing changes aimed at making us a company with a 400-year history. Those initiatives were backed by a basic strategy of transforming our business structure, creating value-added, and transforming our administrative constitution.

In our Chemicals Business, the Moriroku Group established a local corporation in Indonesia as well as established a local corporation that performs extrusion molding in the United States alongside our affiliate in an attempt to further expand our operations in North American’s automobile materials sector. In our Resin-Treated Products Business, we completed our Mexico Plant in May and Second Plant in India in August, and otherwise expanded on our global operations.
Furthermore, in order to promote the expansion of our monozukuri (manufacturing) operations, in our Chemicals Business, we established our new Chemicals Business Promotion Division and Compounds Business Promotion Division in July. In our Resin-Treated Products Business, we completed the transfer and consolidation of our three plants in Japan’s Kanto region, and put the resulting new Kanto Plant into full-scale operation. Through these and other efforts, we pushed forward with the fortification of our high-efficiency production constitution.

Going forward as well, we will keep endeavoring towards realizing our sustainable growth, elevating our corporate value and, in the process, returning profits to you, our valued shareholders. We hope to continue benefiting from your ongoing support and cooperation with respect to those endeavors.

(June 29,2017)

Shigenobu Miwa
President and CEO