Message from the President

The Moriroku Group has built up relations of trust with countless customers and stakeholders since its founding company began operating in 1663. This history of over 350 years demonstrates how the Group has always kept in step with the times while playing an important role in society.

Today, with the goal of expanding globally, we are improving the Moriroku Group's financial base while maintaining its relevance by promoting innovations and adopting international standards. For example, we are helping our diverse employees around the world develop and thrive by making our workplaces more accommodating and dynamic. At the same time, we are incorporating environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria in our management practices with a view to improve the Group's environmental performance, ensure legal compliance in every country it operates in, and contribute to the sustainability of the communities it serves. Through these and other initiatives, management will continue working closely with the Group's employees worldwide in an effort to maintain the trust of stakeholders and the public.

Takashi Kurita President and CEO  
Moriroku Holdings Co., Ltd.

Takashi Kurita President and CEO Moriroku Holdings Co., Ltd.

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