What are the strengths of the company’s Chemicals Business?

Diverse trading company functions and networks

We have the ability to leverage our knowledge and networks as a chemicals trading company to procure and supply the best-suited materials for our customers’ needs. Additionally, we go beyond so-called mediation transactions that simply consist of bringing chemical manufacturers and users together to put in extra effort and provide high added value. One of the ways in which we do so is by compounding* raw materials prior to delivery so that users find them easier to process.

Compounding is the act of mixing together raw resin and additives to give them new desirable properties in accordance with the use of the plastic.

Wide-ranging business areas

Wide-ranging business areas

Serving customers globally


Customers at

36 locations in11 countries


Over 4,000

Capabilities closely allied with affiliates

In our Chemicals Business, in addition to procuring materials, we have the ability to develop, process and manufacture products in alliance with our Group companies. We combine our trading company and monozukuri (shop-floor manufacturing) functions, such as the development, manufacture and sale of highly-functional films for medical equipment or food products and the contract synthesis of chemical products to develop and provide a variety of highly-functional materials that suit our customers’ needs.

Expansion of environmentally-conscious products

In recent times, marine pollution caused by microplastics is becoming a major environmental problem. As a chemicals trading company, the Moriroku Group is also confronting this problem in earnest and is working to address it.

Already, we have developed PET plastic bottles with the use of materials that are compliant with the environment in Austria, and have started offering biodegradable multi-sheets for agricultural use in Japan. Going forward, we will also focus on the development of plastic materials that contain materials derived from nature.

Shikoku Kakoh is the only company in Japan that can manufacture corrugated plastic board made from recycled materials.

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