Environmental initiatives

Basic approach to the environment

As one of the corporate groups that help make up society, the Moriroku Group recognizes environmental problems as the issues that will most gravely impact the next and subsequent generations, not just our own. In addition to engaging in activities to reduce our environmental footprint with established targets and objectives in all of our business domains, we use efforts such as education and PR activities to improve the environmental awareness of all of our employees, and aggressively take part in local environmental activities. In doing so, we strive to win a high level of trust from society.

Environmental policy of Moriroku Group

As a responsible member of the society confronted with the important problem of the protection of the earth's environment, Moriroku Group is committed to actively working, through all of its business activities, toward contributing to the protection of our global environment.

Under this Moriroku Group environmental policy we shall pursue the following environmental preservation activities.

  • We shall obey the environment-specific laws and regulations and the other demands accepted by our company, and strive to promote the preservation of the environment in compliance with our own independently-set standards.
  • In order to realize our environmental policy, we evaluate the impact of our business activities on the environment, establish environmental targets, establish and implement an environmental management system, and prevent and continuously improve pollution.
  • We shall work toward promoting resource/energy saving and recycling and at the same time strive for reduction and appropriate disposal of wastes/contaminants in every area of our business activities.
  • We shall positively take part in local activities for environmental improvements to win high public confidence in our company.
  • The environmental policy will be disseminated to all employees of the Moriroku Group, and will be published to the public through our website.

June 27, 2019

Environmental management system

The Moriroku Group's environmental management system is based on the ISO 14001 international standard for environmental management. Under that framework, the Group's workplaces and factories in and outside Japan do their part to protect the global environment in all of their respective activities.

Environmentally certified group companies

Image: ISO 14001 Certificate of Registration

Climate Change Initiatives

The Moriroku Group expressed support for the recommendations made by the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) in October 2022. We will make efforts to expand our information disclosure on the basis of these recommendations, from the perspectives of governance, strategy, risk management, and metrics and goals, working simultaneously to reduce our environmental burden and boost our corporate value.


Measures to combat climate change

Initiatives geared towards low-carbon society

  • Promoting the lightweight design and development of automobile parts that help improve fuel efficiency
    Sheet metal-gauging technology that makes molded parts thinner and lighter while achieving higher fuel efficiency
    Multilayer molding technology that simultaneously achieves lightweight properties and advanced designability
  • Developing parts intended for the next generation of automobiles
    Preventing air pollution through the development of environmentally-friendly decoration technology that reduces VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emissions
  • Promoting the development and sale of low-carbon, environmentally-conscious chemical products
  • Introducing the use of energy-saving production equipment
  • Applying high-cycle production to enforce reductions in power consumption and CO2 emissions and expanding those efforts globally
  • Reducing CO2 emissions through increased transport efficiency
  • Enforcing energy-saving activities over the course of daily operations

Initiatives geared towards recycling society

  • Promoting the development and sales of recyclable, environmentally-conscious chemical products
  • Reducing substances that burden the environment
  • Enforcing the 3 R's (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) and expanding those efforts globally
    Expanding upon the recycling of materials
    Reducing industrial waste

Initiatives geared towards environmental preservation

  • Support activities for trees and greenery
  • Buying "green"
  • Promoting the development and sale of environmentally-conscious chemical products that help preserve the environment
  • Conforming to laws and regulations that concern the environment
  • Controlling environmental pollutants
  • Promoting environmental education activities

Making a more environmentally conscious factory

Gas-powered cogeneration system installed at the Kanto Plant

Moriroku Technology established its Kanto Plant in 2016 and installed a combined heat and power system onsite to enable the plant to continue operating in times of emergency. The company a decided to purchase municipal gas for the system in an effort to use a more environmentally friendly energy source. This system generates electricity at the plant by burning gas sent by a pipeline from the municipal gas provider. By generating power onsite, the system practically eliminates power losses that occur when electricity is sent via power lines from far-away power plants. Furthermore, the waste heat generated from burning the gas onsite is also used to produce hot water and steam.

In terms of overall energy efficiency, gas-powered cogeneration systems have been found to convert about 80% of their fuel supply to electricity and heat, compared to around 40% of conventional electricity-powered generation systems. Due to its efficiency, the Kanto Plant substantially reduced and evened out its peak power consumption. In 2018, peak power fluctuations were about one-third of those of other manufacturing plants in the Moriroku Group. Building on this success, the Kanto Plant is continuing to explore innovative ways to reduce its environmental load.

Image: Cogeneration facilities at the Kanto Plant
Cogeneration facilities at the Kanto Plant

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