What is the company’s growth strategy?

Mid-term management plan

The company has formulated a 12th Mid-Term Management Plan (fiscal 2019-2021) under which it is promoting its business strategy based on a basic policy of "building a management base that can win global markets by anticipating changes in the business environment, creating new businesses, and continuing to take on the challenge of innovation."

Approach to capital investment

From R&D expenses aimed at facilitating differentiation from its competitors and maintaining a competitive advantage to investment in automation to improve productivity, quality and, by extension, profit margins, the Moriroku Group continuously invests in its sustained growth.

In addition, we aggressively promote the replacement of production equipment with electric-powered equivalents to reduce greenhouse gases, the installation of solar panels, and other forms of capital investment in consideration of the global environment and society.

Capital investment and depreciation
R&D expenses
Efforts for Carbon Neutrality

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