Corporate governance

Basic approach to corporate governance

The Moriroku Group's basic approach to corporate governance is to ensure transparency, impartialness, and timeliness in management decision-making with a view to continuously increase its corporate value over the medium and long terms. At the same time, management understands the importance of dependably fulfilling the Group's social responsibilities by maintaining close relations with all types of stakeholders, including customers, business partners, employees, local communities, and shareholders.

Corporate governance structure

The structure of the Moriroku Group's corporate governance is shown in the following diagram.

Figure: Corporate governance structure

Internal control system

Recognizing that internal controls are an important factor for strengthening corporate governance, the Moriroku Group maintains an internal control system in accordance with basic policies set by the Board of Directors of Moriroku Holdings.


Compliance system

The Legal Division of Moriroku Holdings is responsible for enforcing compliance within the Moriroku Group. Accordingly, it takes steps to raise awareness of compliance among employees and management, and implements measures for handling cases of misconduct if they occur. In line with the Group's basic policy on internal controls, subsidiaries in and outside Japan make continuous efforts to contribute to and improve the Group's compliance system.

Moriroku Group Conduct Guidelines

The Moriroku Group Conduct Guidelines have been established as standards of business conduct for all officers and employees group-wide. The guidelines are made known to members of all of the Group's workplaces around the world.

Internal whistleblower hotlines

Internal whistleblower hotlines have been set up inside and outside the Moriroku Group to enable its members to obtain advice and report on any misconduct or unethical actions. Employees can contact and report to the hotlines anonymously, and retaliation or other harmful actions against whistleblowers are prohibited.

Compliance training program

The Moriroku Group provides training on legal- and compliance-related issues to all of its members, from employees up to senior managers, in order to ensure that they fully comply with in-house rules and relevant laws and regulations.

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