Moriroku Group Human Rights Policy

Establishment of the Moriroku Group Human Rights Policy

The Moriroku Group (hereinafter, “the Group”) upholds respect for life and dignity in its management philosophy and Conduct Guidelines. We are promoting the creation of a workplace in which our corporate members can individually exercise their autonomy and creativity, and respect the personality and individuality of their colleagues.

The recently established Moriroku Group Human Rights Policy is consistent with the Group’s management philosophy and Conduct Guidelines. This Policy is positioned above all documents, norms, and policies related to respect for human rights in the Group’s business activities.

Basic concept

The Group strives to respect human rights through our global business activities, and creates a workplace where diverse people respect each other's individuality and where everyone can work energetically.

The Group will apply this Policy to all executives and employees (including temporary workers) of each group company. We expect all business partners, including business affiliates, to understand the Policy and work to respect human rights.

Respect for internationally-recognized human rights and labor standards

The Group respects internationally-recognized human rights, including those set forth in the International Bill of Human Rights and the International Labour Organization (ILO) Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work. We will promote initiatives in accordance with the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.

Respect for human rights in business activities

The Group will strive not to infringe on the human rights of people affected by its business activities. Furthermore, if our business activities cause or encourage a negative impact on human rights, we will take appropriate corrective and remedial actions. If negative impacts on human rights are directly related to our business, products, or services due to business relationships, we will appropriately exercise our influence and strive to reduce or prevent negative impact.

Responding to human rights issues in business activities


The Group does not discriminate on the basis of nationality, race, religion, beliefs, gender, age, sexual orientation/gender identity, or existence of any disabilities.


The Group does not tolerate any form of harassment, including sexual harassment and power harassment. Moreover, we do not allow any behavior that harms the working environment through harassment or discriminatory behavior in the workplace.

Freedom of association and right to collective bargaining

The Group respects freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining, and engages in sincere discussions and dialogue with employees.

Forced labor

The Group eliminates and prevents all forms of forced labor. We do not allow any kind of slave labor, including human trafficking.

Child labor

The Group eliminates and prevents all forms of child labor.


The Group conducts hiring based on ethical practices. We ensure equal opportunity, etc., in employment and work.

Occupational safety and health

The Group will establish a working environment where employees can work safely in good health.

Working hours and wages

The Group appropriately manages working hours, holidays, vacations, and wages.

Human rights due diligence and relief

The Group identifies any negative impact on human rights related to its business activities, including potential ones. We construct mechanisms for preventing or mitigating that negative impact, evaluating the sustainability of our efforts, and explaining/disclosing our response, and we continually operate these mechanisms. Additionally, if it becomes clear that the Group has caused or contributed to a negative impact on human rights, we will take appropriate measures to provide relief.

Education and training

The Group will disseminate this Policy within the Group, and will continue to provide education and training necessary to comply with this Policy.


The Group will create an environment in which employees who work for the Group can take pride in their work and recognize and enhance each other’s abilities and enhance each other, thereby leading to self growth.

Governance/management system

The Group has clarified the person responsible for implementing this Policy. In addition, our Board of Directors will oversee compliance with this Policy and related efforts.

Established on April 1, 2023

Moriroku Holdings Company, Ltd.
President and CEO
Takashi Kurita

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