What is the business performance and financial condition of the company?

Movements in business performance

Business performance for fiscal year ended March 31, 2024

Net sales was 145.6 billion yen due to an increase in automobile production outside China and the impact of exchange rates.
Operating income was 5.7 billion yen due to increased production volume and cost reductions at production sites.
Net income was 3.0 billion yen, despite an impairment loss at a Chinese subsidiary, due to a recovery in performance and a decrease in the tax burden rate.

Sales Operating income, Ordinary income, Profit attributable to owners of parent

Financial base

We have built a solid financial base while taking into consideration the balance between equity and interest-bearing debt.

Interest-bearing debt of the Moriroku Group
Equity ratio and DE ratio of the Moriroku Group

Shareholder returns

Moriroku Holdings has positioned the return of profits to its shareholders as one of its priority management policies. Our basic policy in this regard is to continue distributing stable dividends while securing the internal reserves needed to accommodate our future business development and shifts in our operating environment.
We aim to pay a dividend on equity (DOE) of 2.2%, with a future target of 3.0%.

Dividends per share
Dividend on equity (DOE) : 3/20: 2.4%, 3/21: 1.2%, 3/22: 2.2%, 3/23 2.2%

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