• Going beyond yesterday and today

    Building on a history of innovations spanning 360 years, the Moriroku Group is leveraging its manufacturing and trading capabilities to meet customers' needs and surpass their expectations.

    Facts about Moriroku

    This giant Japanese beech tree is over 400 years old.

  • Moriroku Technology

    Maintaining a leading edge

    Applying its advanced resin processing technologies, Moriroku Technology is working to improve automobile safety, comfort, fuel efficiency and environmental performance at the forefront of the auto parts industry.

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  • Moriroku Chemicals

    Applying chemistry for the future

    Moriroku Chemicals is pursuing future innovations in chemistry by leveraging its product trading network and the Moriroku Group's advanced technologies.

    Moriroku Chemicals' website

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Over its history, the Moriroku Group has always pursued new frontiers in anticipation of the needs of each era.
With its unbroken tradition of taking on challenges, the Group is creating new value for future generations to come.

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Moriroku Technology

For customers interested in plastic molded auto parts

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Moriroku Chemicals

For customers looking to purchase or manufacture chemical products

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Swiftly responding to customers' needs through our global network

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