Our Capabilities

Our capabilities closely ally with affiliates

Moriroku Chemicals develops and delivers an array of high value-added materials adapted to customers' needs. We do this by combining the information capabilities of our global network and the long-term relationships of trust with our business partners, with the advanced technological and manufacturing capabilities of each Group company to produce an even greater synergistic effect.

Figure: The six manufacturing functions of Moriroku Chemicals and affiliates

Manufacture and distribution of multilayered films

We develop sterile, clean, high-performance films by creatively combining materials and manufacturing methods.

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Figure:Moriroku Chemicals x Shikoku Kakoh

Low-temperature grinding

Harnessing the cold heat (-196°C) of liquid nitrogen, we produce powder from objects that are difficult to grind at normal temperature and use it for material development.

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Figure:Moriruku Chemicals x I.M. MATERIAL

Contract manufacture of chemicals

Technologies we have developed in dye synthesis and bromination reactions have enabled us to expand business in the fine chemicals field.

Goko Kasei Industrial

Figure:Moriroku Chemicals x Goko Kasei Industrial

Manufacture of extrusion-molded products

We are a 70-year old manufacturer of plastic extrusion molds that supplies major manufacturers in the automotive, light electrical, and construction industries.

Chubu Kagaku / M&C Tech

Figure:Moriroku Chemicals x Chubu Kagaku / M&C Tech

Manufacture of exterior parts for two-wheeled vehicle (fabless)

We collaborate with outside partners to manufacture exterior parts (resin parts) for two-wheeled vehicles.

Resin-processed products

Figure:Moriroku Chemicals x Contract manufacturers (outside partners)

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