Business Areas

Comprehensive support for a broad spectrum of customers in six business areas

Fine chemicals

We contract manufacture worldwide in the four key areas of fine chemical products, cosmetic raw materials, functional resins/resin additives, and food and healthcare based on manufacturing craftsmanship.

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We offer a broad range of products including basic chemical products and special function products to customers in the field of coatings, such as paints and inks, the industrial chemicals field, and the environmental energy field.

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Electronic chemicals

We provide semiconductor materials, optical sheets, LED materials, heat dissipation materials, and other materials worldwide with a focus on the electronic components market. In each market, we increase our expertise to offer value-added solutions.

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Lifestyle products

In the areas of household equipment, building materials, daily living, and environment, we globally procure and provide synthetic resins and resin processed products that meet customer needs in Japan and abroad.

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Automotive chemicals

As a solutions provider, we engage customers from the development stage and coordinate the joint development of new materials and advanced technologies with them.
We meet customer needs with our global supply system.

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Resin-processed products

We seek to create new value in the manufacturing field with a system that is fully integrated with our manufacturing subsidiaries and manufacturing partners who also possess resin molding process technology.

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