Principles and Conduct Guidelines

As a collection of global enterprises, the Moriroku Group conducts various business activities around the world that are rooted in local communities. It is our “management philosophy” that serves as the inspiration behind those regular activities of ours.
In turn, the “Conduct Guidelines” adopted by the officers and employees of the Moriroku Group as their shared code of values indicate the elements that we need to proactively implement in order to realize that management philosophy.


Moriroku Group will create high value with its future-oriented creativity and advanced technologies, while contributing to the global society.

  • Compliance:
    We will comply with domestic and foreign laws and regulations, and aim to become a trusted industrial group through fair and equitable corporate activities.
  • Respect for life and dignity
    Our corporate members will individually exercise their autonomy and creativity, and respect the personality and individuality of their colleagues.
  • Customer satisfaction:
    We will provide our customers with valuable ideas, high quality services, and fine products to maintain their satisfaction.
  • Contribution to society:
    As a good corporate citizen, we will contribute to society through environmental consciousness and community-oriented corporate activities.
  • Progressive spirit:
    We will make continued efforts to improve our corporate value, by anticipating future trends.
  • Total cooperation:
    We aim to become a corporate group that puts a premium on teamwork and the pursuit of ideals.

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