Long-term vision MI 400(Moriroku Innovation 400) Aiming to be a global corporate group that contributes to society through proprietary technologies

1st Stage (2013–2021)
Business structural reform to be a 400-year company

  • 2013-2015
  • 2016-2018
  • 2019-2021
  • 10thMedium-term management plan
  • 11thMedium-term management plan (Listed on the TSE First Section in December 2017)
  • 12thMedium-term management plan

12th Medium-term management plan

SloganMoving Forward With MI 400

Building a management base that can win global markets by anticipating changes in the business environment, creating new businesses, and continuing to take on the challenge of innovation

Three Basic Strategies

1) Strengthening of management base

Enhancement of corporate value as a listed company (Listed on the TSE First Section in December 2017)

  • Accelerate business innovations by strengthening the global management base
  • Responding to changes in the global environment and contributing to a prosperous lifestyle
  • Optimize the business portfolio and build the foundation for new businesses
2) Value added creation

Development and commercialization of new technologies to innovate the mobility society

  • Challenge to new technologies and products for next-generation mobility (Collaboration with group companies and partner companies)
3) Business structural reform

Realizing a new business foundation that meets future society's needs

  • To establish new production technologies that anticipate changes in the environment
  • Acceleration of business globalization and localization

Key Goal Indicators (KGI)

Performance Targets (FY2021)Budgeted exchange rate:
1 USD = 110 JPY
Net sales

200 billion yen or more

Operating income margin

5.0% or more


9.0% or more

Stable Returns Shareholder return ratio

30% or more

Strategic Investment (3 years total) Investment

35 billion yenOf the total, 10 billion yen is earmarked
for strategic businesses

2nd Stage(2022–2030)


To be a 400-year company