Long-term management vision

Since its establishment in 1663, the Moriroku Group has been supported by the trust of its many customers and business partners. Our 360-year history is proof that we have always anticipated and proposed the needs of the times and have continued to be a company that is needed by society. We will continue to create new values toward our goal of becoming a "400-year company" with our DNA of challenge that has been passed down from generation to generation.

Roadmap toward a "400-year company"

Moriroku Group will contribute to global society over time by co-creating high value with creativity and superior technology that anticipates the future. To be a global corporate group that contributes to a sustainable future society through value creation based on our unique technologies Established in 1663, Moriroku was the first company to establish a medium- to long-term management plan MOVING FORWARD WITH MI 400 2013-2017 10th Mid-Term Management Plan, TSE First Section listing in December 2017, 2017-2021 11th Mid-Term Management Plan, 2021-2022 12th Mid-Term Management Plan, 2022 13th Mid-Term Management Plan STEP1 Strengthen businesses where we have strengths and narrow down growth areas. April 2022 Transition to TSE Prime, 2022-2030 13th Mid-Term Management Plan 14th Mid-Term Management Plan 15th Mid-Term Management Plan, 2030-2063 Become a 400-year company since its foundation in 1663.

The value-creation model of the Moriroku Group

Pioneer of chemical materials trading Pioneer of chemical materials trading We will develop businesses that combine the functions of a chemical trading company (Moriroku Chemicals) and a manufacturer of automotive plastic parts (Moriroku Technology), as well as recognize the external environment (risks and opportunities for the Moriroku Group). Focus on fields such as mobility, fine chemicals, life science, and environment. Strengthen corporate governance (global risk management) by investing human, financial, social, intellectual, manufacturing, and natural capital in the 13th-15th Mid-Term Management Plan. In addition, we will deepen our sustainability management by strengthening our business foundation to address key sustainability issues, such as products and solutions that solve social issues, job satisfaction, climate change, resource recycling, CSR management, D&I, occupational health and safety, respect for human rights, and CSR procurement. Provide sustainable mobility, ecological recycling, and affluent and happy lifestyles as values to society, including shareholders, business partners, employees, society, and communities.

What is the "unique technology" acquired in the 2030 Vision?

Market-in approach to identify "needed technologies" Focus areas Mobility, environment, life science, fine chemicals, etc. Solutions High-value-added mobility parts, environmental responsiveness (raw materials, parts), total chemical solutions from upstream to downstream, etc. Unique technologies in the case of high value-added mobility parts Decorative technologies, electrical component technologies, weight reduction technologies, etc. Environmentally friendly Unique technologies in the case of raw materials Lightweighting technologies, compounding technologies, etc. Environmentally friendly Unique technologies in the case of parts Compounding technologies, recycling technologies, etc. Total chemical solutions from upstream to downstream Unique technologies in the case of upstream to downstream total chemical solutions Film technologies, chemical synthesis technologies, etc. Strengthen and acquire technologies to realize high value-added solutions.Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

sloganMOVING FORWARD WITH MI 400Build a management base that can win in the global market by anticipating changes in the business environment and continuing to take on the challenge of new business creation and innovation

3 Basic Strategies

Ⅰ Strengthening of the Management Base

Enhancement of corporate value as a listed company (Listed on the TSE First Section in December 2017)

  • Accelerate business innovations by strengthening the global management base
  • Responding to changes in the global environment and contributing to a prosperous lifestyle
  • Optimize the business portfolio and build the foundation for new businesses
Ⅱ Value Added Creation

Development and commercialization of new technologies to innovate the mobility society

  • Challenge to new technologies and products for next-generation mobility (Collaboration with group companies and partner companies)
Ⅲ Strengthening of the Management Base

Realizing a new business foundation that meets future society's needs

  • To establish new production technologies that anticipate changes in the environment
  • Acceleration of business globalization and localization

Key Goal Indicators (KGI)

Performance Targets (FY2021)Budgeted exchange rate:
1 USD = 110 JPY
Net sales

200 billion yen or more

Operating income margin

5.0% or more


9.0% or more

Stable Returns Shareholder return ratio

30% or more

Strategic Investment (3 years total) Investment

35 billion yenOf the total, 10 billion yen is earmarked
for strategic businesses

Step 1 Enhance business which are our strengths/concentrate on growth business

3 Basic Strategies

Ⅰ Establish a stable financial foundation and enhance profitability
  • Advance a flexible production system
  • Promote high-efficiency production
Ⅱ Create value and sew seeds for 2030 by strengthening R&D
  • Expansion of technological fields, possession of unique technology
  • Create advantages through the supply chain
Ⅲ Increase management resilience by promoting sustainable activities
  • Increase corporate value
  • Strengthen corporate governance functions
  • Hire and cultivate diverse human resources


Performance Targets
(FYE March 2025)
Net sales

143.0 billion yen

Operating profit

11.0 billion yen

Operating profit margin




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