Moriroku Technology Exhibit to “Automotive Engineering Exposition 2021 ONLINE”

Moriroku Technology is pleased to announce that we will be exhibiting at the Automotive Engineering Exposition 2021 ONLINE from May 26.

In addition to the latest development themes and environmentally friendly solutions, we will also introduce resin processing technologies that will lead the next generation as a partner of automobile manufacturers, from interiors to exteriors.

Automotive Engineering Exposition 2021 ONLINE

Organizer Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan, Inc. (JSAE)
Period May 26 (Wed) JST - July 30 (Fri) JST
(Registration will be required to access the exhibition's official website.
Admission fee Free

Main exhibit contents:

1. Resin tailgate which achieved lighter weights and reduced part count

A challenge of ours has been to make bodies lighter in weight by substituting resin for metal. For ten-plus years, we have been conducting R&D on using resin to manufacture “back doors,” which are large parts, and have already established technology for their mass-production. The potential for lighter weights is over 35% of preexisting weights.

2. The possibilities of hot-stamp decoration technology amid growing expectations

Moriroku Technology offers decorative elements based on hot-stamping (hot-pressing) as a substitute technology for plating. By collaborating with designers from automobile manufacturers from the planning stages, we feel that the potential to realize a balance between mitigating the burden on the environment, attractive decoration and reduced costs at a high level will become even greater.

3. Proposing a diverse interior with the application of decorative multilayer molding

As a manufacturer that specializes in resin parts for automobiles, Moriroku Technology possess a diverse array of decorative technology, and pursue the possibilities of decoration that go beyond conventional varieties to include the coloring of raw materials themselves, film sticking, cover winding and coating. Here, we propose interiors based on the application of decorative multilayer molding.

Additionally, we are exhibiting other products and technology include instrument panel peripheral parts, door linings, console, and sustainable materials.