Message from the President

Moriroku Chemicals mainly operates as a trading company in the chemical and plastic industries, but our business model involves much more than simply selling materials and products. Leveraging our global network of facilities and subsidiaries, we also combine raw materials procured worldwide with our own innovations to develop and offer original new materials and products in anticipation of the needs of customers and society. In that way, we create new businesses in partnership with our customers.

At Moriroku Chemicals, we ask ourselves how the company can contribute to making a better future for people around the world. Accordingly, by leveraging our broad expertise in chemistry in collaboration with the Moriroku Group, we strive to provide solutions that reduce pollution, make transportation safer, improve health, and help make people's lives more comfortable and fulfilling. Looking ahead, we will continue working to offer even more benefits to stakeholders as a dependable business partner.

Hidehito Monji,
President and CEO
Moriroku Chemicals Company, Ltd.

Image: Hidehito Monji,President and CEO Moriroku Chemicals Company, Ltd.

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