Kazuki Otsuka

"I sell Moriroku parts
for the cars of the future."

Kazuki Otsuka Sales Department, Sales Division
Moriroku Technology Company, Ltd.
Joined the company in 2017 after studying law

1.How I discovered Moriroku Technology

The company allowed me to work
with things I love—cars.

Initial interest in Moriroku Technology

I wanted a job related to automobiles because I am interested in cars and motorcycles. I researched the auto industry when searching for a job, and learned that auto parts manufacturers were also involved in new vehicle models in addition to automakers. As my outlook broadened, I discovered that Moriroku Technology is a parts manufacturer.

Decision to enter the company

During my interview with Moriroku Technology, I heard about the interior parts it manufactured for the Honda NSX sports car, as the interviewer had handled those products in the past. The NSX is my dream car. After talking with the interviewer, I decided that the job was exactly what I wanted.
I also felt the company was appealing because of its mainstay product, plastic parts. Now that environmental problems are in the spotlight, automakers are reducing the weight of vehicles. Many auto parts are made of metal, but it looks like they will be replaced by plastic parts, so I think opportunities for Moriroku in the auto industry will increase in the future. That was a big reason for deciding to join the company.

2.My job at Moriroku Technology

I made some mistakes,
but my firsthand experience helped me grow.

Current responsibilities

At present, I meet and negotiate with customers as a sales representative. My work mainly involves making estimates for them and managing schedules, from receiving orders through to product deliveries. Products and requests differ depending on the customer, so I need to propose each estimate according to their requests. I have been receiving help from my experienced co-workers when making these estimates.

Memorable work experiences

In my first year after joining the company, I was very happy to have won an order. Soon after that, however, I learned that we were unable to deliver the products by the dates expected by the customer. I made that mistake because I had focused too much on price negotiations without confirming essential details like delivery times. With help from my older coworkers, I eventually convinced the customer to accept our terms after holding meetings with it and our production departments. That experience taught me that sales representatives are not only responsible for winning orders and securing profits; they also have an important duty to coordinate and manage production schedules. Now I make sure to confirm everything in advance.

3.My Future at Moriroku Technology

I want to be a sales manager who can work independently as a professional.

Future career goals and aspirations

In the first stage of my career, my goal is to be able to work independently as a sales representative. At present, I follow the guidance of my experienced co-workers and supervisors, but I want to develop to a point at which I can handle everything myself. Then in the next stage of my career, I hope to provide such guidance to younger employees like myself at this point.