Takahiro Ito

"I offer optimal solutions
as a salesperson knowledgeable
about technology."

Takahiro Ito Functional Materials Department,
Fine Chemicals Division
Moriroku Chemicals Company, Ltd.
Joined the company in 2017 after studying applied chemistry

1.How I discovered Moriroku Chemicals

A trading company that can also
make products was very appealing.

Initial interest in Moriroku Chemicals

When I was searching for a job, I was interested in handling sales for a diversified trading company offering a wider range of products than a single manufacturer. Moriroku Chemicals seemed attractive because of its ability to tailor products to what customers actually need. Over its 350-year history, Moriroku broadened its businesses by taking risks and innovating, and was also able to expand overseas. Therefore, as someone hoping to be involved in customer-oriented sales, I felt like I could play a role in a wide range of activities. That made me very interested in the company.

Decision to enter the company

While job searching, I talked with a former student from my university who got a job in technical-related sales at Moriroku. I thought it would be interesting to work for a trading firm specializing in chemicals, and a trading company that can also make products seemed very appealing. Moriroku Chemicals is a lot like a manufacturer because it operates in partnership with its manufacturing subsidiaries. Therefore, I was convinced that I could apply what I learned about applied chemistry at university and would be able to discuss technical matters as a salesperson. That's why I decided to join the company.

2.My job at Moriroku Chemicals

Wide-ranging products and sales techniques make my work here so interesting.

Current responsibilities

The Functional Materials Department where I work mainly sells additive agents for realizing the functionality of plastics, as well as silicone for use in things like cutting oil. As a sales person, I regularly visit customers, discuss their requests and concerns, and then offer optimal solutions. I also have another role: selling products for our manufacturing subsidiaries. Moriroku Chemicals directly sells products made by the Moriroku Group, so it is different from trading firms that only handle other companies' products. For that reason, we have a lot more room to negotiate terms and conditions like volume and price. Handling sales for both trading and manufacturing companies is a very interesting experience for me.

Memorable work experiences

When I secured a deal to supply new products, I felt a real sense of accomplishment as a sales person. Selling a new product is different than renewing orders for a well-established item because I must convince the customer that adopting our product will bring it benefits and help raise the competitiveness of its own products. I also give presentations based on meetings with many companies and market research using various methods. That will result in much more work and pressure compared with contract renewals, but winning an order for a new product is extremely gratifying. I think that is what makes sales so exciting.

3.My Future at Moriroku Chemicals

I aim to meet customers' expectations
as their preferred sales representative.

Future career goals and aspirations

Looking ahead, I want to offer more technologically advanced solutions and win more orders for new products. To achieve that, I will keep building on my experience in sales with the goal of expertly and precisely handling the requests and concerns of our customers going forward.