Commitment to human resources

Basic approach to human resources

The Moriroku Group created its Human Resource Policy based on its management principles and conduct guidelines. The policy clarifies the objectives and direction for employees and management to jointly pursue, and sets them as basic standards for the Moriroku Group as a whole. Furthermore, the policy is intended to foster a greater sense of unity within the Moriroku Group while enabling its members to contribute to building on the Group's strengths.

Moriroku Group Human Resources Policy

  • Provide opportunities for employees to independently take on challenges and develop
    • Management shall provide highly skilled and dedicated personnel with challenging assignments, and maintain workplace environments in which individuals can develop together with their respective companies.
  • Fairly evaluate employees based on their targets, efforts and accomplishments
    • Employees shall individually set and pursue relatively high targets, and their targets, efforts to achieve them, and results shall be fairly evaluated.
  • Maintain workplace environments in which individuals can combine their skills and work together as a team
    • Each workplace shall strive to contribute to the Moriroku Group as a team by facilitating dialogue among its members and maintaining openness to diverse beliefs and new ideas.
  • Provide human resources development programs for enabling employees to apply diverse capabilities and skills in international settings
    • Furthermore, in every country in which the Group operates, management shall provide opportunities for personnel to advance their careers and offer training programs for professional staff that work internationally.

Human resources systems

Clearly specified job requirements and evaluation standards

  • The Moriroku Group has set specific job requirements and evaluation standards for clarifying the duties of each job position and level.
  • Provided to all employees, the job requirements specify the duties and skills expected of them and clearly describe what is required for promotion.

Career paths for management

  • The Moriroku Group offers opportunities for personnel at the management level to advance their careers and make use of their capabilities as either a manager or a specialist.

Promoting career development with constructive communication

  • The Moriroku Group supports the development of employees through practices designed to facilitate constructive communication with their supervisors and managers, including routine career planning meetings.
  • In addition, the Group obtains feedback from personnel through employee engagement surveys, and provides the results to management as a basis for objectively assessing workplace conditions, building on strengths and making necessary improvements.


Basic approach to diversity

Welcoming and making the most of diverse human resources

The Moriroku Group has been promoting diversity based on the belief that it will not be able to grow without the development of diverse employees. From that standpoint, the Group is working to offer leading-edge technological solutions and services not only in Japan but also to other countries, driven by its management principle of realizing forward-looking innovations and advanced technologies that create value for communities around the world.

Japan is currently undergoing major societal changes, including chronic labor shortages resulting from a shrinking labor force, the acceleration of globalization, greater participation of women in public life, and difficulties in providing nursing care amid an aging population. Against that backdrop, the Moriroku Group has been pushing ahead with its long-term management vision, Moriroku Innovation 400, in recognition of the need for the entire Moriroku Group to generate innovative solutions going forward. Accordingly, the Group is working to leverage its collective capabilities while welcoming the diversity of its members, which are comprised of men and women who differ in terms of age, nationality, physical ability, and value systems. Indeed, the Group understands that such diversity is essential for its management principle of realizing forward-looking innovations.

Starting from this approach, the Group has been actively promoting diversity as a means to foster workplace environments in which each employee can thrive and make the most of his or her capabilities and individuality. With senior management declaring its commitment to promoting diversity, the Group has been offering seminars on diversity to all employees, raising awareness of related issues, and cultivating a more open and accepting corporate culture. Moreover, a committee made up of diverse members has created a roadmap for advancing diversity and is leading efforts toward realizing it. As the Group aims to further globalize, all employees are working together to promote diversity in the years ahead.

Figure: Basic concept of diversity
Based on its management principle of respecting for life and dignity, the Moriroku Group is promoting diversity to ensure that all of its members can demonstrate their abilities, regardless of gender, nationality, physical ability, age, or value systems.

Diversity-related goals

  • Support employees' work-life balance and career planning
  • Promote the success of diverse human resources
  • Step up training for internationally assigned personnel
  • Proactively maintain motivating workplace environments and offer opportunities for career development

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