Moriroku Museum

The museum shows Moriroku's history and its main products.

1.Three hundred years' history of Moriroku and the minutes of its board meetings

Moriroku, which has been in business for more than 360 years, maintains historical documents that enable you to get a feel for its history. The exhibit above is a 300-year old history book that describes the Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923. The exhibit below shows the minutes of board meetings held in 1915.

2.Honda Super Cub

Moriroku's first resin product was a large leg shield (splash/mud guard) for the Honda Super Cub.

3.Technological history

On the right is a fairing component for the CBX-400 F. A fairing is a part that covers the exterior of aircraft and the front of motorcycles and other vehicles to reduce air resistance. The CBX-400 F was the first Japanese commercial vehicle to adopt the fairing at the time. Moriroku is also a pioneer in coated parts. This part (the fairing component for the CBX-400F) is symbolic of our two-wheeled vehicle parts.

To the left is the console of Honda's first generation Inspire. At that time, we used "powder slush molding" technology to reproduce the feel of a leather surface with stitching to provide an elegant interior.

4.Successive generations of Accord consoles

The photo shows successive generations of Honda Accord consoles. Moriroku has received a consistently flow of orders from Honda, from its first generation to its latest vehicle model.
Looking at the exhibit, you can feel the distinct needs of each era (the culture and fashion) and the changing technology.

5.Moriroku Technology's main parts

The main parts offered by Moriroku Technology in Japan and abroad are numerous. Interior and exterior parts of high-quality design are the features.

6.Seamless instrument panel (Milling of the passenger side SRS airbag deployment hatch)

These are interior parts that separate from the interior when the passenger side SRS airbag inflates (explosively).
Since even a minimal amount of debris is hazardous, extremely high quality control is required.

7.Working with Volkswagen (VW) globally

We manufacture the VW Tiguan instrument panel at our factory in Mexico.

8.New concepts proposed

We plan products that are original in concept based on our own market research, and build prototypes.
We will continue to provide solutions that meet the needs of the times such as electric vehicles and automated driving.