CSR procurement initiatives

Basic concept

Moriroku Group has established the Moriroku Group Purchasing Policy with the aim of promoting sustainable procurement throughout the supply chain and fulfilling our social responsibility toward the realization of a sustainable society.

Purchasing Policy of the Moriroku Group

We strive to strengthen partnerships with our business affiliates, who possess high-level products and technologies, by offering trading opportunities that are fair and open to all companies, and engage in socially responsible, sustainable procurement practices, in order to provide high-value products and services to our customers in a stable manner.

  • Compliance with laws, regulations, and social norms
    • We comply with the laws, regulations and social norms of each country, and promote transparency in our procurement practices.
  • Fairness and equity
    • We offer fair trading opportunities that are open to all companies.
    • We select our business affiliates through fair and comprehensive evaluation of the following factors: quality, prices, delivery time, manufacturing capacity, supply stability, technological ability, environment performance, and soundness of management , as well as their social responsibility practices, such as human rights and environmental conservation.
  • Implementation of advanced technologies
    • We actively implement advanced, high-level technologies and materials, in order to realize the innovation of the coming era.
  • Strengthening of partnerships
    • We strive to strengthen partnerships with our business affiliates in consideration of products and services, in order to develop and provide high-value products and services.
  • Promotion of CSR Procurement Practices
    • We strive to drive co-creation with our business affiliates, and promote socially responsible procurement practices that consider factors such as global environment conservation, respect for human rights, and the safety and health of workers in order to contribute to the sustainable development of society.

Moriroku Group CSR Procurement Guidelines

We have established Moriroku Group CSR Procurement Guidelines on matters that we would like our suppliers to proactively address. We will promote sustainable procurement in cooperation with all suppliers.

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