Kumamoto Moriroku Kasei Co., Ltd.

We are committed to creating a workplace that satisfies our customers, contributes to the local community, and is a rewarding place to work.

We produce molds based on drawings provided by automobile manufacturers, and manufacture motorcycle plastic parts and general-purpose parts by injection molding. 50 to 1800cc models are available, and we have built a deep relationship of trust with our customers through our reliable QCD capabilities.

Company overview

Company name

Kumamoto Moriroku Kasei Co., Ltd.


2527, Hirakawa, Otsu-cho, Kikuchi-gun, Kumamoto 869-1231






Representative Izumi Masahide


September 1, 1981


10 million yen

Number of employees

47(as of March 31,2023)

Main businesses

Manufacture and sale of parts for motorcycles and automobiles



Image: Kumamoto Moriroku Kasei Co., Ltd.

Products(Two-wheeled vehicle parts)

Figure: Two-wheeled vehicle parts
Main products
  • Image: Trunk hinge
    Trunk hinge
  • Image: Rear center cover
    Rear center cover
  • Image: Shelter cover
    Shelter cover
  • Image: Pivot panel cover
    Pivot panel cover
  • Image: Engine cover
    Engine cover
  • Image: Fog cover
    Fog cover
  • Image: Radiator grill
    Radiator grill
  • Image: Fuel filler opening
    Fuel filler opening
  • Image: Speaker cover
    Speaker cover
  • Image: Window screen stay
    Window screen stay
  • Image: Step cover
    Step cover

Major facilities

Production Lines

8 assembly lines

Injection machine

220-680 tons

Social Contribution Activities

Based on the policy of being a company that can make its own contribution to society, Kumamoto Moriroku Kasei works with local communities and neighborhood residents to support social contribution, cleanups, weeding, and other activities.

Tree-planting activities at business premises

With a determination to continue to engage in business activities with an awareness of reducing our impact on the global environment, Moriroku Kumamoto started tree-planting activities on the warehouse side of its offices in April 2022, the "First Year of Moriroku Sustainability". We will continue our sustainability activities such as tree planting every year in the future.

Collaboration with "Otsu Ayumien"

Kumamoto Moriroku provides continuous employment support by outsourcing light work such as processing motorcycle parts to the social welfare corporation "Otsu Ayumien," which is a welfare service office for people with disabilities.

Community Cleanup Activities

Twice a year at 8:00 a.m., our employees participate in a cleanup activity. We have continued this activity for more than 17 years in order to protect the local greenery and contribute to the creation of a town that is comfortable for everyone to live in.