Console development that targets global needs

An ideally-designed console serves to assist the driver in mid-drive. It should mitigate the driver’s exhaustion during long-distance drives as well as help circumvent the risk of accidents caused by not keeping one’s eyes on the road.

For years now, we have continued to develop and produce consoles matched with market needs all over the world.

Technology features

  • Uses Computer Aided Engineering (CAE)* to achieve both high rigidity and light weight.
  • Emphasizes user ergonomics, such as armrest angle and touch sensitivity.
  • Employs a metal-less method with excellent recyclability that uses resin hinges and other non-metal materials.

CAE is a technology that performs simulation analysis with a prototype simulated on a PC, instead of testing or experimenting with a prototype made of actual materials that is used in the R&D process.

Application example

Moriroku Technology develops and manufactures distinctive consoles such as those with all-resin hinges and decorative shutters.

We supply a wide range of small to large vehicles, luxury vehicles, and SUVs to the global market.

Image: Console box
Automobile console box

A height-adjustable cup holder that accommodates any bottle

Drink containers of all shapes and sizes such as cans, plastic bottles, coffee cups from convenience stores and paper cartons are startling in their variety. The needs associated with those containers differ according to the country or region, an example being North America, where 1-liter plastic bottles are commonly carried around.

This height-adjustable cup holder developed by Moriroku Technology was designed to firmly hold containers with various shapes and sizes. Its depth can be adjusted three times simply by pushing the container lightly into the holder to accommodate tall drink containers. The shape of the holder can be limberly restored with the press of a single button, making for a smooth feeling of operation.

Shutters for large console boxes that are both convenient and attractive

The “Breeze,” a variation of the “CR-V” exclusively sold in China by Guangqi Honda Automobile, is equipped with a large console box. When the shutter is closed to hide what is stored inside, the car cabin retains a clean look, and the risk of dust getting inside the box or the items stored flying out in mid-travel is eliminated. With this model, we manufactured the shutter portion using two-color molding technology, and used soft resin materials to link together hard resin materials in order to enable the movement of the bellows. The top surface of the shutter sports a gentle tapered shape as well as superior decorative properties.

A similar shutter featured in the likes of the “Odyssey” for the North American market was molded using Moriroku’s proprietary sheet sticking technology (MSM sheets). The method we employ of pouring resin over a sheet set into a die makes it possible to modify sheet patterns and increase design variety.

Various additional requests also accommodated

In the “Breeze” by Guangqi Honda Automobile, the USB power supply system is embedded into the armrest interior. Some cars, depending on their grade, are equipped with a non-contact charger. Based on the resulting increase in the weight of the armrest area, we employ torque hinges in the hinge areas of those covers, employing freeze-stop specifications that allow the covers to be suspended freely in arbitrary positions upon opening and closing them (patent obtained).

Having continued its console development and production efforts aimed at markets worldwide for years, Moriroku Technology has an unlimited number of peripheral technologies at its disposal. As car cabins continue to become more like personal living spaces in the era to come, which will see the development and popularization of automatic driving technology, what is the ideal form that consoles should take? We will keep on making future-minded suggestions that address that question.

Resin hinge

We are also working on all-resin hinges with no metal parts. Not only are they easy to assemble, but also to recycle.

Image: Metal hinge and resin hinge