R & D

Shaping the Future of Mobility.

As a specialized manufacturer of resin molded parts for automobiles, Moriroku Technology has built an in-house integrated system that covers everything from planning to mass production. In the R & D department, in addition to global needs, we catch local needs and promote proposal-type development. Utilizing cutting-edge technology, we are embodying the "future of cars." In addition, at production bases around the world, we have refined highly efficient production lines to realize QCD that meets the needs of each market.

Greater possibilities allowing for broader, freer exteriors

Freed from the notion that front grilles need an engine coolant port, new exteriors in this era of EVs are exciting.

Moriroku Technology combines technologies to stimulate the creative power of designers and turn dreams into reality. Leveraging our proven record of development, we make it possible to realize designs with a unified sense between interiors and exteriors, and offer an advanced look at the future.

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Table-type console that transforms your transport space into a living room

Even after automatic driving becomes more common, time spent in transport should still be enjoyable. With the application of Moriroku Technology’s multilayer molding technology to vehicle interiors, high-grade tabletops can exhibit depth while remaining flat.

Adding a translucent panel and LED results in an exciting table-type console. This design emphasizes both usability and subtle consideration for users.

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Materials and Tech: Challenge of the practical application of ENV materials with a various approach

An indispensable material in automobiles are plastics with superior durability and plasticity that are also inexpensive to make. However, various plastic R&D endeavors that contribute to a sustainable global environment are being pursued worldwide.

The Moriroku Group is also leveraging its strengths and technology to tackle the practical application of those plastics in automobile parts.

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Achieved lighter weights and reduced part count with resin tailgates

A challenge of ours has been to make bodies lighter in weight by substituting resin for metal. For ten-plus years, we have been conducting R&D on using resin to manufacture “back doors,” which are large parts, and have already established technology for their mass-production.

The potential for lighter weights is over 35% of preexisting weights. We are also able to considerably reduce part counts.

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High-dispersion carbon nanotube masterbatches

With their superior electroconductivity, light weight and thermal conductivity, carbon nanotubes are utilized in various automobile parts. However, while hopes are placed on them as “dream materials,” high-precision single-walled carbon nanotubes are highly cost-prohibitive and bear the risk that humans will breathe in minute particles.

Moriroku Chemicals proposes innovate solutions for such challenges.

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Focus technology of Moriroku Technology

The possibilities of hot-stamp decoration technology amid growing expectations

Moriroku Technology offers decorative elements based on hot-stamping (hot-pressing) as a substitute technology for plating.

By collaborating with designers from automobile manufacturers from the planning stages, we feel that the potential to realize a balance between mitigating the burden on the environment, attractive decoration and reduced costs at a high level will become even greater.

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Proposing a myriad of interiors based on fusions of multilayer molding and lighting

As a manufacturer that specializes in resin parts for automobiles, we possess a diverse array of decorative technology, and pursue the possibilities of decoration that go beyond conventional varieties to include the coloring of raw materials themselves, film sticking, cover winding and coating.

Here, we propose interiors based on the application of decorative multilayer molding.

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In-mold decorative technique

A technique in which a film is inserted into a mold and injection molding is performed simultaneously. Alternatively, the technology inserts a preformed film into a mold and perform resin injection molding.

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Focus products of Moriroku Technology

Serving as a total supplier of peripheral parts for instrument panels

We also place a thorough emphasis on how air-conditioning outlets and other moving parts feel to touch, simultaneously giving them a smooth, gentle movement and a firm clicking sensation.

Combined with our richly-varied decoration technology, such as coating that gives off a sense of softness and warmth, we offer a total lineup of instrument panel parts.

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Console development that targets global needs

An ideally-designed console serves to assist the driver in mid-drive. It should mitigate the driver’s exhaustion during long-distance drives as well as help circumvent the risk of accidents caused by not keeping one’s eyes on the road.

For years now, we have continued to develop and produce consoles matched with market needs all over the world.

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Total suggestions that cover everything from instrument panels to door lining

Alongside the popularization of automatic driving, there have been greater calls for “relaxing interior space.”

We have made new forays into the door lining sector to complement our instrument panel periphery and console operations. Through the receipt of orders for car cabin space in its totality, we can also implement our development process with a high degree of efficiency.

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