2 WAY Living Console

The Next-Gen Console for Automated Driving and electrification, the “2 WAY LIVING CONSOLE”

FOCUS 1 Pursuing “Relaxation” in the Cabin with Unique Technology and Ingenuity

The latest trend in cabin space design is to prioritize relaxation. The objective is to create a comfortable living space for all occupants, not just those in the front seats. This is achieved by providing access to a full-flat table around which they can freely place their belongings. The interior is enhanced by multilayer molding technology, which allows switches on the console to be designed in a variety of shapes, colors, and shades with luminescence, creating a sense of luxury.
The design is focus ed on usability and incorporates different solutions for when the vehicle is parked and when it is in motion. The stylish flat design is achieved by incorporating switches within the console.

FOCUS 2 Fully Flattened with Sensing and Electrification

The sensor algorithm enables the cup holder to appear when a beverage is detected. The armrests are operated by an electric motor and only appears when the vehicle is in motion. Both of these features allow the console to be fully flat when not in use, enhancing its versatility. Furthermore, the frame for charging smartphones rises only when the armrests are raised, preventing them from falling off the flat table.

FOCUS 3 Staging Switches to Create a Relaxing Space

The various functions are discreetly integrated into the design, resulting in a minimalistic and sophisticated aesthetic. The air conditioner switch can be relocated from the instrument panel to the console. The seamless integration of the operation panel with the top panel ensures that switches are only displayed when in use.

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