New Value Air Vent

Proposing a New Interior Value that Combines Comfort and Design – New Value Air Vent

FOCUS 1 Improved Comfort with“Breeze” Airflow

In recent years, with the shift to electric vehicles and automated driving, mobility have shifted from "how they drive" to "how they spend their time," and more comfort is demanded in the cabin space.

Moriroku Group adds new value to the cabin space by dividing and diffusing the airflow and drawing the distributed air into the central area between the two airflows to create a soft and comfortable air-conditioned breeze.

FOCUS 2 Improved Design by “FIN with Wide Decorative Surface

Conventional air vents are components for air conditioning functions and have limited space for decoration, but the new value-added air vent creates a large decorative surface on the front and achieves a high level of design by changing effects such as shading and gradation through lighting.

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