Hot Stamp Decoration

Decoration to Replace Plating & Painting by High Extension, Colorable, Light Transmittable
- Hot Stamp Decoration

FOCUS 1 High Extension Hot Stamping Foil Decoration for Improved Design

Hot stamping foil decoration, which transfers metallic vapor-deposited foil onto plastic parts using heat and pressure. It is an ecofriendly method compared to plating, which imparts similar designs, but has been limited to decorating flat shapes.

Moriroku Group has developed a highly extensible foil and a proprietary construction method that effectively adheres to the foil. This unique method improves the design of automobile interior and exterior parts.

High Extension

FOCUS 2 Simultaneous Embossing and Partial Coloring

Previously, the technology for decorating synthetic leather with three-dimensional embossed shapes using the heat press method existed. However, a method for coloring locally delicate and complex shapes had not yet been established.

Moriroku Group is developing a method of applying hot stamping foil decoration to directly form embossed shapes on synthetic leather, while at the same time transferring the foil and coloring it.

Stitch decorations that previously required machine sewing can now be easily customized to reduce costs and meet specific requirements. Various designs, such as logos, piping, and geometric patterns, can also be incorporated.

Partial Coloring

FOCUS 3 Driving Assistance through Light Transmittable Hot Stamping

Ambient lighting is used in various segments to color and direct the interior of vehicles. Recently, it has also been utilized to support the driver by indicating vehicle status and hazard perception.

Moriroku Group has developed a metallic tone light transmittable foil that can provide metallic tone decoration when the lights are off and illumination (ambient/driving support) when the lights are on.

Light Transmit
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