Multi-Layer Molding

Excellent Harmony with Ambient Lighting Combines Design and Rationalization
- Multi-Layer Molding

FOCUS 1 Creating Attractive Decorations with Transparent Resin and Film

The feature of multilayer decoration is that thick transparent resin is placed on the surface layer to obtain a deep design.

Moriroku Group has developed a technology to sandwich a printed film between the surface layer and the base material layer using a unique mold concept, which has increased the variation of multilayer decoration.

When light passes through the transparent resin of the surface layer, it is refracted and reflected by the pattern of the printed film, creating an attractive multilayered decoration, even when illuminated.

FOCUS 2 Transparent Resin Layer and Light Guide Molded Simultaneously

Conventional surface emitting lighting structures require a light guide as a separate component.

Moriroku Group challenged to develop a highly sophisticated technology for injection molding a light guide at the same time as the surface layer. This approach enabled the creation of a streamlined design that integrates decoration and lighting with a minimum number of mold structures and parts.

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