Photovoltaic Ink Painting

Paintable, Flexible,Transmittable, Next-Gen Photovoltaic Technology
- Photovoltaic Ink Painting

FOCUS 1 Proposal for Energy- Creating Mobility

Moriroku Group is researching 'energy creation' for the next generation to achieve a carbon-neutral society.‘Photovoltaic Ink' has several advantages over conventional silicon solar panels, including its ink processability, Flexibility, and transparency.

By applying 'Photovoltaic Ink' to automobile interior and exterior parts, it is possible to add a power generation function to decorative trim parts, which adds high value. This technology can contribute to the evolution of mobility from conventional fossil fuel and electric power consumption to self-generating energy.

FOCUS 2 Expanding the Use of Photovoltaic Ink Coating Across Various Industries

The applications of "Photovoltaic Ink" coatings are not limited to automobiles, but have the potential to be applied in all fossil fuel and power-consuming sectors, includi ng aviation, space, agriculture, and medicine.

Moriroku Group will leverage its integrated system, covering procurement, development, prototyping, testing, and mass production, to contribute to the realization of a carbon-neutral society across various business fields.

Moriroku has obtained "Photovoltaic Ink" from SOLAR POWER PAINTERS, Inc. and is researching its application in various fields, mainly in the field of mobility.

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