Sustainable Materials

Reduce Petroleum-Derived Materials and Diversify the Value of Plant-Derived Materials Through the Power of Materials and Technology

FOCUS 1 Reduce Petroleum- Derived Materials & Maintain Onboard Quality

Stable materials derived from petroleum are crucial for automobiles, which usually have a lifespan of 13 to 15 years. However, Moriroku Group, which specializes in injection molding, has a significant responsibility to reduce the use of petroleum- derived materials due to resource depletion and the need for carbon neutrality.

Moriroku Group has initiated research into inedible waste and plant-derived materials as potential alternatives to petroleum-derived materials and additives (talc, etc.) that enhance their physical properties. Leveraging our proprietary compounding technology, we have developed expertise on the optimal compounding ratio to maintain reliable in-vehicle quality, a challenge for sustainable materials, and on designing the shape of molded products to meet the physical properties.


FOCUS 2 Apply Eco-Friendly Materials to Decorative Parts

Although environmentally friendly materials help protect the environment, they may not always be seen as valuable.Therefore, Moriroku Group are conducting research to help end users appreciate the value of sustainable materials by using inedible waste and plant-derived materials as design elements.

FOCUS 3 Conduct Research to Quality Evaluation in One Integrated Process

The Moriroku Group has an integrated manufacturing process that covers product planning, design, mold design, maturation, prototyping, testing, and mass production. In addit ion, our group operates a chemical trading that procures and sells resin materials. This enables us to perform in-house research on resin compounds and evaluate their quality.

Through collaboration with the injection molding industry, which has a proven track record in mass producing automotive interior and exterior parts, we have successfully applied environmentally friendly resins and mass production was successfully achieved.

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