Automotive chemicals

Features of the automotive chemicals

In the area of automotive chemicals, we are expanding our local and overseas-based business while increasing customer satisfaction with a focus on local production for local consumption, and meeting the needs of automobile parts manufacturers. We have built a quadrilateral system in Japan, China, the United States, and ASEAN, so about half of our business is now with customers outside Japan.

We have human resources with specialized technical knowhow and extensive knowledge who work from the development stage, starting from raw materials (general resins, chemicals) all the way to resin moldings (extrusion, injection), and provide solutions including import and export logistics.

As the automobile industry undergoes a major revolution once in 100 years, the "car" is moving from being a mobile object that is owned to a means of transportation that is not owned. We will fully mobilize the power of our affiliates and overseas bases to address various cases (CASE *) with our customers and suppliers.

CASE: An acronym for Connected (Internet connection) Autonomous (Autonomous driving), Shared & Services (Car sharing), and Electric (Electric vehicles)

Product lines

Extruded and injection resin molded products

Commodity resin and engineering plastic resin molding materials, organic/inorganic chemical products, adhesives, structural adhesives, silicones, extrusion and injection products, and synthetic rubber products

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