Fine chemicals

Features of the fine chemicals

Moriroku Chemicals is globally expanding contract manufacturing based on manufacturing craftsmanship in the three major fields of fine chemicals, functional materials, and food and healthcare.
We are also adding value with our highly functional product solutions.


  • Fine chemicals contract manufacturing

    We meet customers' needs for quality standards, packing style, and delivery period by leveraging the advanced synthetic technologies of Goko Kasei Industrial Co., Ltd., a Group company that specializes in contract synthesis, and of other manufacturing partners in Japan and abroad. We have an extensive track record in collaborating with manufactures who specialize in contract synthesis.

    Goko Kasei Industrial Co., Ltd.

  • Grinding business

    Materials that are difficult to grind at normal temperature, such as hard materials, highly elastic materials, easily oxidized materials, and materials with low melting points, are ground using nitrogen gas at -196℃.

    I.M. MATERIAL Corporation (Japanese only)Link will open in a new window.

Product lines

Fine chemical products

Acrylic urethane resin raw materials, medical and agrochemical intermediate materials, catalysts, polymerization initiators, chelating agents, reducing agents (SBH), silane compounds, activator raw materials, battery raw materials, organic solvents, etc.

Pharmaceutical raw materials

Cellulose derivatives, various raw materials of the Japanese Pharmacopoeia (for manufacturing use only)

Perfume ingredients

Astromusk (BB, IPM, CONC, DPG), Amberonne, Tonalid, Atralone, Ketone, Dihydromyrceno, etc.


  • AGAN AROMA (Israel): Exclusive Japan distributor
  • JLANGXI JLAYUAN FRAGRANCE CO., LTD (China): Exclusive Japan distributor
  • Other overseas perfume ingredients (Europe, America, Middle East, Asia)

Healthcare and cosmetics raw materials

N-Methyltaurine, Sodium hyaluronate, Polyquaternium, Polyvinyl alcohol, For oral health, etc.

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Processed food ingredients

Processed Vegetables, Processed Fruit, Saccharified product, Mushrooms, Seasoning, Health Food Ingredients, Powder(Made to Order Available) etc.

Food additive

Starches, Acidulant・pH adjuster, Thickener, Other Food additives etc.

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Resin additives

Conductive materials, heat insulating fillers, flame retardants, weatherability improvers, anti-blocking agents, lubricants, plasticizers, toughening agents, thermally conductive materials, impact modifiers, naphthene oil


Silicone oils, silicone resins, silicone rubbers, silicone powders, silane coupling agents, etc.

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SBH (Sodium borohydride)

Sodium borohydride is used in the manufacture of medical and agrochemical intermediates and fine chemical products. It is a highly effective reducing agent with excellent selectivity.

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Processed food materials, extracts, and powder raw materials

Leveraging our extensive networks in Japan and abroad, we offer a wide range of solutions spanning the entire supply chain to ensure a stable supply of safe and secure food from producers to consumers. We bring delicious food to everyone, from infants to the elderly. In order to enjoy food and achieve a healthy life, we must value the bonds that we share with each other and develop businesses that allow producers and consumers to share in our growth.

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