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TAFNEL Needle Punch Fabric is a high-performance oil adsorbent made from polypropylene with outstanding oil adsorption and strength. It swiftly removes and collects any oil and protects the natural environment.

Oil adsorbent responds to application and locale

For cleaning up the factory

For absorbing oil leaks when pouring oil

For absorbing oil leaks during machinery use

For separating oil and other substances from water

For beautifying oceans and rivers

For absorbing oil floating on water

Main Features

Absorption strength of more than 10 times its weight

TAFNEL Needle Punch Fabric "BL-65" has the absorption strength of more than 10 times its weight for mineral, animal, and vegetable oils. If the absorption volume of one box (17kg) of TAFNEL Needle Punch Fabric "BL-65" is calculated as 170kg, it can absorb one drum of oil (200 liters).

The absorption strength might change depending on the product.

Fuel oil B Fuel oil C Machine oil Crude oil Fuel oil A
Oil absorption volume Per gram of TAFNEL Needle Punch Fabric 11g 11g 10g 11g 10g
Per cm3 of TAFNEL Needle Punch Fabric 1.0g 1.1g 0.9g 1.1g 0.9g
Per sheet (BL-65:170g/sheet) 1.8kg 1.9kg 1.7kg 1.8kg 1.7kg

Does not sink in water

The specific gravity of the material of TAFNEL Needle Punch Fabric is 0.9, thus it does not sink in water.

Absorbs very little water

TAFNEL Needle Punch Fabric is made of polypropylene fibers, thus it has excellent lipophilicity and hydrophobic properties. It also has the ability to replace water with oil, so even if water is mixed in the fibers, the absorbed oil expels the water.
When measured in accordance with the "Standard for Oil Absorption Material Performance Test for Type Approval" stipulated by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transportation, the absorbing volume per gram of TAFNEL is 0.1g and that per cubic centimeter is 0.06g.

Excellent stability of properties

The long fibers have excellent strength. Moreover, because no adhesive is used, there's no sticky feeling during measurement.

No poisonous fumes emitted when TAFNEL is burnt

The burning temperature is about 910℃, roughly the same as kerosene and light oil.

Use TAFNEL according to oil characteristics.

Points during and after oil absorption

  • Do not use neutralizing agents with TAFNEL
    When cleaning up oil with TAFNEL oil-absorbing mats, do not use neutralizing or treating agents together.
  • Immediately put the mat in the collecting container
    If you put the mat on sand after absorbing oil, oil may drip and secondary contamination may be caused. Put the mat in a collection container upon completion of oil absorption.
  • About disposal
    Mats containing absorbed oil must be disposed of as industrial waste in consultation with an industrial waste disposal company, or by incineration.

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