Expertise as a trading company

Offering effective solutions by understanding customers

As a trading company, Moriroku Chemicals has acquired diverse capabilities ranging from trading operations to marketing and logistics. By leveraging that expertise in combination with the Moriroku Group's unique manufacturing capabilities, the company has been establishing new businesses in the global market. In this section, Moriroku Chemicals' strengths as a trading and manufacturing company are described based on solutions it offered to a major chemical products manufacturer.

Overcoming numerous difficulties to respond to a customer's requests

The chemical products manufacturer was handled by Tatsuya Fujimoto, a member of Moriroku Chemicals' Fine Chemicals Division. Looking back on his experience, Fujimoto said, "I have been in charge of the client for a year, and after responding to various problems and requests in an effort to gain its trust, I eventually started receiving positive feedback. At one point, however, the client's procurement manager was concerned that they could have difficulties in securing enough of a certain chemical raw material."

At that time, Moriroku Chemicals did not handle a large volume of the chemical, which is essential for manufacturing plastic materials. One of its competitors had been supplying most of volume required by the client, but that competitor suddenly stopped handling the chemical. As a result, securing enough volume was very difficult for the client.

Having established a regular line of communication with the client, Fujimoto quickly learned of the situation and immediately arranged for Moriroku (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., to request a supplier in China to boost production of the chemical. Unfortunately, that was not as easy as he expected. An essential ingredient for manufacturing the chemical was a byproduct produced through the manufacturing of another product. Therefore, mass-producing the chemical by itself was unfeasible.

As Fujimoto explained, "At that time, the Chinese government had made stricter environmental regulations, and violators were ordered to shut down their operations. Consequently, one by one, chemical manufacturers stopped production. Moriroku Chemicals, however, had consigned an excellent manufacturer in China, so it seemed possible to secure a stable supply of the necessary ingredient irrespective of the tighter regulations."

In fact, the difficulty was overcome through that arrangement, and solutions for meeting all of the client's requests for volume, costs, quality, and a stable supply were provided. Today, this supply of the chemical is completely handled by Moriroku Chemicals.

Fujimoto expressed his desire to expand business going forward: "We are examining how to diversify manufacturers of the chemical in the future so that our clients will not have to deal with unexpected problems. It may be possible, for example, to consign manufacturers in the EU and Japan. These initiatives will enable us to offer even more solutions."

Tatsuya Fujimoto, head project managerSince joining Moriroku Chemical's Osaka Branch, Mr. Fujimoto has been in charge of fine chemicals orders, specializing in solutions involving consigned manufacturers.

Image: Tatsuya Fujimoto, head project manager

Determining customers' genuine needs and collaborating in the Group

Moriroku Chemical's sales personnel give top priority to flexibly and promptly responding to customers. They also give importance to meeting clients directly on a routine basis in order to create an environment conducive to discussions and negotiations. According to Fujimoto, "We want to know what our clients genuinely think so we can deal with them openly and honestly. For instance, there have been times when a solution we offered was inferior to a competitor's solution, but by honestly admitting that, we were able to earn even more trust from the client."

In addition, unlike ordinary trading companies, Moriroku Chemicals can offer customers prototypes of molded parts by collaborating inside the Group with Moriroku Technology, which has plastic molding and processing technologies. Reflecting on the synergies between the two companies, Fujimoto commented, "Personnel from both companies are creating more and more opportunities for cooperation, such as going together to worksites and holding meetings with clients. Because we try to find ways for cultivating new markets together, there is a sense that the Group is really united."

Collaboration with Moriroku TechnologyMembers of Moriroku Chemicals meet with personnel from Moriroku Technology when checking proposed products and prototypes. Fujimoto explained, "The ability to fully verify something proposed by Moriroku Chemicals from a manufacturing standpoint is a unique strength of the Moriroku Group. This has also helped me refine my own skills as a representative of the company."

Image: Collaboration with Moriroku Technology

A solid network and strong relationships

Compared with other major trading companies in Japan, Moriroku Chemicals is not especially large in terms of sales or number of employees. Nonetheless, it has built up an excellent track record by promptly and flexibly offering solutions through its many workplaces and solid network of subsidiaries and affiliates. Furthermore, having established strong bonds with its suppliers, Moriroku Chemicals is able to gain preferential access to raw materials when required. As exemplified by a key factor for Moriroku Chemicals' success in the case involving the chemical product manufacturer, described above, was its strong relationship of many years with a supplier in China.

In the future, Moriroku Chemicals intends to increase what it can supply to customers based on what they need by making the most of the Group's collective capabilities spanning from upstream to downstream businesses.

Exhibition at Auto Expo 2020 in New DelhiMoriroku Chemicals and Moriroku Technology jointly exhibited at Auto Expo 2020, held in New Delhi, India, in February 2020. Their booth showcased the Group's strengths to India's automobile market, ranging from its ability to supply materials and offer various compound technologies, molded products, and attractive design.

Image: Exhibition at Auto Expo 2020 in New Delhi

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