Lifestyle products

Features of the lifestyle products

This area offers new materials and new technological solutions that reflect changes in market conditions in Japan and abroad. It offers a vast array of products from resin raw materials to additives, sub-materials, and products in the fields of packaging materials, building materials, the environment, healthcare, and cosmetics.

In the lifestyle and environment area, we leverage the resources of the Moriroku Group to offer new and valuable information and solutions to our customers with a focus on molding materials. We also provide functional resin master batches for domestic and overseas barriers, deodorizer, antibacterial, CO2 reduction, and other uses. To address the global problem of plastic waste, we also offer plant-based resins, biodegradable resins, and additives.

In the healthcare and medical area, we collaborate with film processing technology manufacturers that are owned by the Moriroku Group, as well as injection and vacuum molding, resin, and sheet manufacturers to produce and develop products tailored to customer needs. We are also coordinating with film manufacturers and converters of packages and packaging materials in the fields of food, pharmaceuticals, daily necessities, and expanding in Japan and Asia.

Product lines

Packaging area

Polyethylene resin, polypropylene resin, polystyrene resin, vinyl chloride resin, thermoplastic elastomers, bioplastics, various recycled resins, PE film, PP film, PET film, nylon film, laminate film, stretch film, shrink film, barrier coat film, embossed film, plant-based film, co-extruded multilayer film, antistatic agents, heat stabilizers, flame retardant, various molded products, and plastic trays

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Household and building materials

(Resins for household equipment and building materials) Polyethylene resin, polypropylene resin, thermoplastic elastomers, polystyrene resin, ABS resin, vinyl chloride compound, polyphenylene sulfide resin, synthetic rubber, various adhesives, glass fiber, and acrylic board

IT / Consumer electronics

Polypropylene resin, polystyrene resin, polyamide resin, polyacetal resin, methacrylic resin, polycarbonate resin, PC/ABS alloys, PBT resin, PPS resin, injection molded products, vacuum molded products, other molded products, optical film, and styrene and butadiene rubbers

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Special compounds

"Magical Assist (Daiwabo Neu Co., Ltd.)"
Compounding of liquid products and fine powder with special technology (flame retardant, antibacterial, deodorant, and others)

"Nano Vesicle Technology (Acteiive Co., Ltd.)"
Compound that uses supercritical technology (CO2 reducing master batch, and others)

Environment related

Oil absorbents(TAFNEL needle punch fabric), water treatment materials(Netron mesh), dedicated river oil fences, deoxidizers, drying agents, and others

PICK UP Products

We are a distributor of NOFIA, a flame retardant from FRX Polymers, Inc. of the United States. NOFIA is a rare polymer-type phosphorus flame retardant that confers to products a high flame retardancy that was previously unachievable with existing fire retardants.

  • Because it is a high polymer, bleed-out is unlikely to occur, thus contributing to lower product VOC and less odor.
  • Various shapes including pellet type are available and can be added at the time of molding, thus contributing to significant improvement of the production process.
  • High transparency can be maintained depending on the type of material added, which contributes to better product appearance.

PICK UP Product

APTCLEAN® is a film that uses resin material and draws upon the strength of film forming technology in a clean environment. It is used in fields where zero contamination is required, such as pharmaceutical substances and semiconductors.

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