In-mold decorative technique

A technique in which a film is inserted into a mold and injection molding is performed simultaneously. Alternatively, the technology inserts a preformed film into a mold and perform resin injection molding.

Technology features

  • Enables flexibility in the exterior design
    • A variety of colors and patterns can be selected.
    • Realistically reproduces wood grain and metallic tones.
    • Extensive variations can be prepared in small lots.。
  • Reduces volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
    • VOC can be reduced compared to painted products.
  • Reduces costs
    • Simultaneously applying the automatically supplied film and molding the resin, simplifies the process and reduces costs by reducing the number of steps.

Molding process

Image: Molding process

Application examples

Image: Various colors and patterns can be selected
Various colors and patterns can be selected
Image: Finished interior panel
Finished interior panel