Sustainable materials

Materials and Tech: Challenge of the practical application of ENV materials with a various approach

An indispensable material in automobiles are plastics with superior durability and plasticity that are also inexpensive to make. However, various plastic R&D endeavors that contribute to a sustainable global environment are being pursued worldwide.

The Moriroku Group is also leveraging its strengths and technology to tackle the practical application of those plastics in automobile parts.

Design and analysis technique-based approach

From peripheral parts such as console boxes and instrument panels to door linings, Moriroku Technology comprehensively handles interior parts that completely surround the front seats of vehicles and protect their passengers. Over time, the company has applied its thorough familiarity with the required performance that differs from part to part and its advanced design and analysis techniques towards meeting the needs of automobile manufacturers.

In order to covert substitute plastic materials that tend to lack shock, heat and light resistance properties for practical application as automobile parts, we pursue the very best solutions even in areas that may not be so readily apparent, such as optimal panel thickness and the shape and placement of ribbing.

Manufacturing technique-based approach

Within its production line, Moriroku Technology has already realized an initiative that takes fragments and faulty plastics generated in the manufacturing process from “environmentally-friendly plastics” and recycles them for use as so-called “recycled plastics.”

The likes of bioplastics manufactured from naturally-derived raw materials and biodegradable plastics that break down following use and return to nature are generally not resistant to heat as materials, burn and release gas when subject to high temperatures upon extrusion molding, and tend to turn black in part form. We also apply an approach from the angle of mass-production techniques, including meticulous temperature control, resin pour methods and the shape of gates, in order to compensate for such negative aspects.

Compounding technique-based approach

Mixing naturally-derived substances with plastics makes it possible to curb the use of petroleum-derived resin. A number of such substances, including hemp, kenaf and other plants with strong fibers, agricultural waste, and the likes of cork and sugar cane have been tested in this manner.

Moriroku Chemicals, the Moriroku Group’s chemicals trading company, integrated its Chemicals Business Promotion Division and Compounds Business Promotion Division to establish the “Monozukuri Business Promotion Division” in April 2022. By comprehensively conducting everything from the selection of materials to research on optimum compounds, Moriroku Chemicals provides formidable backup to the product development efforts of Moriroku Technology.