Table-type console

Table-type console that transforms your transport space into a living room

Even after automatic driving becomes more common, time spent in transport should still be enjoyable. With the application of Moriroku Technology's multilayer molding technology to vehicle interiors, high-grade tabletops can exhibit depth while remaining flat.

Adding a translucent panel and LED results in an exciting table-type console. This design emphasizes both usability and subtle consideration for users.

A high-grade tabletop that is flat yet has depth

Applying the multilayer molding technology proudly offered by MT to vehicle interiors makes it possible to realize a high-grade tabletop that is flat yet has a sense of depth. The translucent materials on the surface match the substrates that can be seen within. By adding uneven modeling on or inserting films within that, colorful expression that embodies the imagination of the designer can be realized.

By lighting up icons that indicate the operation of electrical components, such as non-contact power supplies and seat heaters, from behind translucent materials only when they need to be lit up, the high-end feeling of the tabletop remains uncompromised, and the top of the table, which sits at the center of the transport space, retains its clean look and flat surface throughout the ride.

Another superior property of multilayer molding technology is its limited environmental footprint relative to standard coated articles.

High standards placed on convenience from a user perspective and design

A console box typically employs a two-action system of (1) Unlocking the box while holding the handle and (2) Flipping up the lid. Due to the need for a depressed area to insert one’s fingertips and a handle component to unlock the box, this system ends up compromising the uniqueness of quality flat designs.

Moriroku Technology therefore designed a “flat lock” mechanism (patent application completed) that simultaneously preserves the high standards paced on flat design and realizes the user-perceived convenience of being able to open the console box with a single action. By simply and gently sliding your fingertips along the box, the flat surface sinks in and the lock is smoothly disengaged, allowing you to open the cover with a single natural action.

Can be opened from both the front and back seats, making for ease of usability for all passengers

How nice would it be for all passengers, not just those in the front seats, to be able to use a table-type console placed right in the center of the transport space? Moriroku Technology made such a concept into reality by giving armrests a flat shape.

This console has a two-tier structure with the first tier accessible from the front seats to provide considerable storage space, making it possible to keep the foot area perpetually tidy and clean. The second tier houses a console box that can be opened with ease from the back seat and also offers outstanding storage capacity with plenty of depth.

The dedicated A/C outlets for the back seats can be used as spot coolers to apply to areas that you want to cool down with precision and can also be switched to provide gentle, indirect wind circulation when you want to spend the ride in comfort, an example of this efficient air exhaust design.

Since manufacturing handbrake covers for the very first Honda Civic in 1972, Moriroku Technology has continued to address consoles for 50 years. This is precisely why we are capable of such designs packed with subtle consideration for users.

Rich presentation power and a good match with LED

With their translucent layer on the surface, multilayer molding parts match wonderfully with LED, making it possible to bring forth a myriad of dynamic expressions by shining lights with varying intensity, color and angle on that layer.

In the Chinese market, where the popularization of EV has gotten a head start, interiors incorporating decorative lights are becoming mainstream as items that signal the innovative spirit and future potential assigned to EV. MT supplies parts largely for the “Everus”-model SUV by Guangqi Honda.

Additionally, Moriroku Chemicals, the chemicals trading company under the Moriroku Group, offers everything from two- and four-wheeled vehicle parts to electronic chemicals in its Mobility Division. For total solutions that span the procurement of parts and materials, development and mass-production, please call on the Moriroku Group.