Moriroku Technology's solutions

Helping produce the cars of the future

The ability to devise forward-looking solutions in anticipation of auto industry trends and market demand is one of Moriroku Technology's strengths. The company strives to be an essential strategic partner for automakers by focusing on developing and proposing products that exceed their expectations.

Working with manufacturers to set a future course for the auto industry

Researching, developing, and making concept models of future vehicles are generally regarded as tasks undertaken by automobile manufacturers. Actually, however, Moriroku Technology is also active in these endeavors.

For Moriroku Technology, development involves devising technological solutions with a vision of five to ten years in the future. Likewise, product design entails the design of auto parts for new vehicle concepts coming several years down the road. The ability to integrate these development and design approaches in the planning, manufacturing and supplying of parts tailored for emerging trends is the company's greatest competitive advantage.

Today, companies around the world are fiercely competing to develop technologies that make vehicles connected, autonomous, shared, and electric (CASE) as the auto industry undergoes a major transformation. At the same time, consumers are shifting their interest from being a vehicle owner to a user. Therefore, manufacturers of interior and exterior auto parts must analyze the lifestyles of vehicle users and find solutions based on a deep understanding of their needs.

Important factors for product development

Types of users and driving conditions

To design a vehicle interior, specific types of users need to be considered. For example, the driver could be male or female, and a beginner or experience driver. The vehicle might be used for commuting to work on weekdays or for family outings on weekends. Moreover, a wide range of driving conditions need to be considered, as the vehicle might be used in cold regions under sub-zero temperatures, or driven for long periods in hot, arid regions while exposed to direct sunlight. All of these factors are extremely important in product development.

In-vehicle activities

The ways in which people use automobiles change with each generation. When listening to music in the car, for example, people played CDs in the past, but now listening to smartphones and portable music players has become mainstream. That means consideration must be given to creating storage space in the interior for charging cables. Nowadays in Japan, people commonly buy coffee in paper cups from convenience stores, so drink containers must be designed to properly hold such cups. In other words, it is always necessary to stay on top of trends in order to design vehicle interiors that are comfortable for users and suit their lifestyles.

Solutions come from unique development capabilities and practical innovations

At Moriroku Technology, importance is given to effectively integrating the aspirations of automakers with the needs of the next generation of users, based on an understanding that each automaker's ideas and plans for automobiles is different. Personnel from the company's sales, development, and design divisions keep in regular contact with representatives of various automakers in an effort to seize business opportunities. At the same time, the divisions collaborate with each other to develop optimally tailored products for each automaker. At the development stage, a cycle of three processes are repeated: new solutions are proposed, customer feedback is analyzed, and development concepts are reviewed and proposed again. This enables the company to develop products that are several years ahead of their time.

Development stage


Market research

  • Personnel exhibit at motor shows held in various countries and research market trends in every part of the world
  • Researchers identify trends while analyzing leading technologies and ideas


Envisioning needs

  • Personnel consider emerging trends based on changing specifications and needs
  • Trends in the auto industry are predicted in view of their feasibility within the next few years


Concepts and design

  • New concepts are examined based on various needs and requirements
  • Detailed design and analyses are carried out to realize the concepts


Model-based solutions

  • Developers produce a concept model
  • Personnel pitch the solution and technical benefits to an automaker

International solutions network

Moriroku Technology is able to offer development solutions tailored to needs in various regions of the world through the Moriroku Group's network of design and development facilities in Asia and North America.

Responding to local needs through global cooperationStandardizing product and technical specifications on an international scale is important for increasing cost competitiveness. On the other hand, many nationally or regionally based needs are perceived and identified by local residents. Accordingly, Moriroku Technology works closely with its workplaces around the world to both reduce costs and offer high-value-added products.

Figure: International collaboration