Why Moriroku

Our solutions exceed customer expectations thanks to our totally integrated manufacturing system

Our strength lies in our integrated system that handles everything from product planning and design to prototype and testing, mass production, as well as mold design, production, and adjustments required for these steps. With this system we can reliably meet customer needs and provide products that fully meet customers' quality, cost, and delivery (QCD) needs.

Figure: Requests/Demand

Delivering the value that only in-house integrated production provides

We have built a strong technical network wherein related departments can quickly share information and collaborate as needed. With all departments involved from the sales stage, we can accurately assess customer needs and provide flexible and in-depth support.

Figure: Delivering the value that only in-house integrated production provides
  • Sales division

    Providing anticipatory solution-based sales that anticipate customers' needs

    We conduct solution-based sales not only by gaining a deep understanding of the global needs required by world markets, such as CASE compliance and environmental measures, but also by understanding the local needs of each region.

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  • Technical research center

    Achieving the automobile's future with advanced technology

    Utilizing advanced technologies including computer-aided design and analysis, and 3D printer prototypes, we will turn the vision of the automobile's future into reality.

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  • Production engineering division

    Creating an environment where high-quality parts can be mass produced at a reasonable price

    To achieve the same QCD at our factories around the world, we will design efficient production lines by providing the equipment, jigs, and molds required for mass production.

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  • Quality management division

    Building facilities and systems that comply with globally established quality standards

    In addition to micro-quality inspection with electron microscopes, we assure the overall level of quality by checking vibrations under harsh conditions and performing operation durability tests.

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  • Plants

    Providing products that meet customer needs using a wide range of decorative techniques.

    We can deliver products that meet customer needs at a reasonable price using a variety of decorative techniques such as raw material coloring, film application, and coating.

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