Moriroku Technology's quality assurance

Quality assurance policy

Taking advantage of Moriroku Technology's various test facilities, we implement proof of principle through quality assessments and reliability testing. We seek to further raise customer satisfaction by building a quality assurance system for the future to find and carry out additional methods of improvement, and ways to deal with potential problems.

Basic policy on quality

In furthering the "enhancement of customer satisfaction levels," we at Moriroku Technology will apply our close partnerships to stay continually ahead of the times, and will ensure that all of us are converging on the same vector in order to provide our customers with quality products inexpensively and in a timely manner.

  • We will fashion quality through our designs (concepts) and manufacturing processes.
  • We will conduct operations in line with our "rules" on quality.
  • We will share information.
  • We shall strive to ensure "zero" in-process and outflow failures as well as "zero" complaints.

Quality assurance system

With bases all over the world, we are conducting "faster and better" product development and stabilizing market quality by using our ability to promptly respond to customer needs. Also, with our various testing facilities, we are building a quality assurance system for the future with the aim of further improving customer satisfaction based on proof of principle through quality assessments and reliability testing.

From the standpoint of quality stabilization, we are evolving our technology and quality assurance system, and expanding it globally to ensure that we deliver the same quality worldwide.

Examples of test equipment

Image: Cold vibration test Image: Hot vibration test
Vibration tester
Conducting vibration tests on composite parts (Left: cold; Right: hot)
Image: Calibration room 1 Image: Calibration room 2
Calibration room
Conducting each test while maintaining a constant temperature and humidity for 24 hours
Image: Microscope
Using for inspection of coated surfaces
Image: Durability testing robot
Durability testing robot
Performing a prolonged durability test using a robot