Goko Kasei Industrial Co., Ltd.

Undertaking a wide range of contract production including of bromination reactions and other organic and inorganic reactions

Since its founding, Goko Kasei Industrial's strength has been its bromination technology, which it has built up over many years of producing bromindigo and other synthesis of dyes. To accommodate recent market needs, Goko Kasei has adopted a wide range of technologies from crystallization and solid-liquid separation to powder drying and mixing, and has a growing list of achievements in diverse fields.

Company overview

Company name

Goko Kasei Industrial Co., Ltd.


37, Gosei-cho, Omuta-shi, Fukuoka 836-0891






Tomohiro Kawamura




30 million yen

Number of employees


Image: Goko Kasei Industrial Co., Ltd.

Main businesses

  • Contract production of amination and bromination reactions
  • Contract production of organic and inorganic synthesis reactions
  • Production that discharges much wastewater
  • Production of hazardous and poisonous substances
  • Other (crystallization, solid-liquid separation, drying, fragmentation, blending, subdividing, etc.)

Areas of our contract production

Damping coat
Industrial chemicals
Organic synthesis chemicals
Electronic material intermediates
Agrochemical material
Agrochemical intermediates

Major technologies - Solid-liquid separation and crystallization


  • Permit acid and alkaline reactions with our acid-resistant production facilities
  • Permit reactions that use much water
  • Permit fragmentation, drying and blending

Major equipment

  • Acid-resistant production facilities
    1) Permit reactions of everything from general to corrosive substances
    2) Permit vacuum concentration after reaction
    3) Can be used for crystallization
Image: Condenser - GL
Condenser - GL
Image: Reaction tank 5,000L GL
Reaction tank 5,000L GL
Image: Receiver 5,000L GL
Receiver 5,000L GL
  • Nauta Dryer (2m3, SUS)
    1) Mixes various powders
    2) Can vacuum dry the powder
Image: Upper part of the Nauta Dryer
Upper part of the Nauta Dryer
Image: Lower part of the Nauta Dryer
Lower part of the Nauta Dryer

Major facilities

Equipment owned

Name Material Volume (L) Cardinal number Accompanying facilities, etc.
Reactor Mixing tank GL 5,000 L 3 GL Capacitor for reflux
SUS 3,000 L 1
Filter Nutsche FRP 2 m2 2
Nutsche SUS 2.5 m2 2
Separator Basket-type centrifuge Fluororesin processing 48 inches 1
Dryer Nauta Mixer SUS 2,000 L 2
Compartment tray dryer SUS 1,000 L 2 Heat reflux type
Other Vibrating sieve SUS - 1
Pulverizer SUS - 1

Raw material tanks owned

Name Volume (L)
Shared facility Raw material tanks Bromine 6,000
Sulfuric acid 10,000
Hydrochloric acid 12,000
Caustic soda 15,000
Hydrogen peroxide 11,000
Methanol 12,000

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