Resin-processed products

Features of the resin-processed products

Adding manufacturing capabilities to our existing trading company capabilities, as well as quality, cost, and distribution—essential elements of manufacturing craftsmanship,—we offer a total solution with a system that's integrated with our manufacturing partners in all aspects from material selection to mechanical design, processing technology solution, and material procurement.

We constantly seek to satisfy the customer through pre-inspection using mold flow to meet customer demand for a shorter development period and quality improvement. Leveraging our accumulated information and technological capabilities, we will continue to contribute to our mainstay fields of two-wheeled vehicles, special four-wheeled vehicles, and electric power tools on a global basis.

Product lines

Resin-processed products

Image: Two-wheeled vehicle cowling
Two-wheeled vehicle cowling
Image: Mold flow analysis (two-wheeled vehicle cowling)
Mold flow analysis (two-wheeled vehicle cowling)
Image: Two-wheeled vehicle front fenders (painted)
Two-wheeled vehicle front fenders (painted)
Image: Electric power tool covers (two-color molding)
Electric power tool covers (two-color molding)

PICK UP Products

CFRP molded product (Cowling)

The CERP molded product (COWLING), a featured product of our motorcycle parts, is a high value-added product that is highly acclaimed by customers.

We deliver high product value to customers who prefer high-end motorcycles or motorcycles designed for racing to not only demonstrate our high-quality design based on carbon's characteristic twill pattern and the glossy finish of the special clear coating for carbon, but also to meet the need for lighter weight.

We will continue to speed up development of a carbon that is versatile enough to meet a wide range of needs, expand the two-wheeled vehicle business, and develop more diverse business fields.

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