Initiatives by the Moriroku Group to Address the Spreading of COVID-19

We wish to offer our most solemn condolences to those of you who have lost people whom you loved and cared for to the current COVID-19 pandemic, and our sincerest wishes for a speedy recovery to those of you who have been infected by the virus yourself.
The Moriroku Group has taken early steps to cope with and respond to this unprecedented situation. From the initial spreading of the virus to the present, we have endeavored to continue our business activities while placing top priority on the health and safety of our employees, their family members and other stakeholders both within and outside Japan.
In our office departments, we are pushing forward with the development of our work environment and employee-awareness reforms, including the introduction of telecommuting and the utilization of online meetings, with a view to establish new styles of works. Meanwhile, on the production frontlines, while keeping the risk of COVID-19 infection to a minimum, we are continuing our utmost efforts in order to fulfill our responsibility to keep our customers supplied.
The workings of greater society and styles of working have changed dramatically in the midst of our coexistence with COVID-19. We will enhance our productivity as we mutually recognize diverse work styles and values and proceed to evolve into a corporation that creates value sought after in a new era. Going forward, we will mobilize our capability within and outside the Moriroku Group as we continue to pursue new challenges with a view of becoming a company with a 400-year history.

Basic Policy

The Moriroku Group is responding to COVID-19 in line with the below Basic Policy.

Basic Approach

  • We will place the highest priority on the health and safety of the employees of the various member companies of the Moriroku Group.
  • We will cooperate closely with each of our business partners as well and take the actions needed for business continuity.
  • Moriroku Holdings, Moriroku Technology and Moriroku Chemicals will provide each Group company with the support that it requires.

COVID-19 Response Headquarters

We have established a response headquarters headed by the President and CEO of Moriroku Holdings Company, Ltd., and have put a framework in place that is conducive to swift and flexible response. The main roles of each department are indicated in the below chart.

COVID-19 Response Headquarters Framework Diagram
Head of Response Headquarters
  • Overall supervision of crisis management and response
  • Determination of establishment of Response Headquarters
  • Determination of transition to/from framework in normal times
Response Secretariat
  • Establishment of Response Headquarters
  • Communication of information to and gathering of information from each site of operation
  • Assistant Head of Response Headquarters
  • Internal coordination of crisis management response
  • Gathering and consolidation of information on government policy (local/regional government policy included)
Administrative Division
  • Arrangements for necessary supplies
  • Internal awareness of situation and information
Corporate Communications &
IR Division
  • Handling of publicity, mass media and government and municipal offices
Human Resources Division
  • Verification of status of resident employees and final coordination
  • Employee health management
Accounting & Finance Division
  • Ascertainment of funds needed and arrangements for emergency funds
Information System Division
  • Measures for stable business operation
  • Direction of operation of substitute systems
Legal & Intellectual Property Division
  • Investigations pertaining to legal issues and external response in legal domain
Business companies
  • Gathering of information from each MC/MT department (possibility of business continuity/status of area surrounding region) and coordination and liaising between departments
  • Instruction of policy decided upon by Response Headquarters
  • Communication of information to and gathering of information from locally-based operations
Locally-based overseas corporations
/group companies
  • Status of locally-based business partners
  • Verification of status of local staff

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